JC Global Capital Partner’s Unique Position


JC Global Capital Partners entrepreneurial spirit enables groundbreaking speed problem solutions to companies facing difficult financial challenges.


Protecting clients with absolute discretion and confidentiality is of paramount interest to JC Global Capital Partners.


JC Global Capital Partners is operated by professionals such as senior ex-bankers and advisors with over 20 years of banking and corporate global advisory experience.

Why JC Global Capital Partners

Serving Small Businesses in Singapore
We focus on providing capital and advisory solutions to small and medium enterprises. Few firms know more about the needs of these businesses and the resources available to them than us. Our extensive knowledge and experience in this section enables us to provide the best possible solutions to our clients.

Prompt Service

JC Global Capital Partners understands the importance of closing quickly for our clients. Our experiences deal professionals and simplified approval process allows us to respond swiftly to meet our clients’ needs. Upon an initial discussion we generally produce a range of financing options and terms for businesses within 2 business days


We shall observe utmost confidentiality and secrecy of all information entrusted to us in the course of our work with all business owners and act with extreme fidelity. All our highly sophisticated and experienced investors are from reputable corporate institutions and are obliged to observe appropriate private and confidential agreements