Working and Growth Capital

  • Due to the capital requirements and restrictions on mandates, there has been a constrained and diminishing supply of working and growth capital from financial institutions. JC Global Capital Partners aims to fill this gap by providing a credit solution to the SMEs. Our credit solutions are typically short term in nature and are provided to companies with sufficient equity to support the credit solutions.
  • We understand the practical challenges faced by SMEs in the new economy: squeezed margins, high monthly running costs, shortage of labor, and increased regulatory environment etc. Hence we tailor all our solution based on our clients’ needs.

Receivables and Purchase Orders

  • For many businesses, a line of credit can be established by leveraging the accounts receivables. Accounts receivable factoring can be an effective financial tool to manage day-to-day cash needs and support growth. Combining with our working capital management expertise, we help SMEs to fully utilize their balance sheet.
  • We have helped numerous SMEs to structure various receivables (disclosed and non-disclosed) solutions to relieve their working capital pressure.


  • Equity financing is typically medium to long term and is usually appropriate for companies who have a promising growth story but lacking the capital and financial management expertise. JC Global Capital Partners can arrange equity transactions of S$0.5m-S$10m for SMEs based in Singapore. Funding is available from JC Global Capital Partners , private investors and family office investors. In our typical arrangement, JC Global Capital Partners will act as the CFO and treasurer, and would be involved in the management of the company.